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Sephiroth’s Biography

Around 30 or so years before the events of FF7, a child called Sephiroth was born to two Shin-Ra research scientists, Lucrecia and Hojo. Before he was born, twisted experiments injected the fetus of this child with the cells of a horrible alien. This experiment would loan him great strength, creating a child of amazing potential and power.

This child became a SOLDIER, fighting for Shin-Ra, and eventually helped them win a large war against Wutai. In Nibelheim, he learns of his past in the basement of a research mansion. He goes mad with the knowledge, and sets the city on fire and kills nearly everyone in the Nibelheim (Cloud’s hometown).

He eventually attempts to summon a Meteor to injure the planet, and plans to absorb the planet’s energy as the planet attempts to heal itself. He is, sadly, foiled by Cloud, and mysteriously disappears, probably into the lifestream.

Sephiroth’s first appearance (original).

The first actual appearance of Sephiroth in Final Fantasy VII (the original version) is in the Shinra Headquarters. Cloud and the rest of the party have been captured and are awaiting execution, but after a night’s rest, they awake to see the guards are dead and their cell door is open. Following the trail of blood left by the Shinra guards, they find the President of Shinra dead, with Sephiroth’s sword thrust in his back. After seeing this, Cloud vows to kill Sephiroth, and settle the score in Nibelheim. During Cloud’s flashback at the Kalm Inn, he, Sephiroth, and Tifa all go to a reactor deep within Mount Nibelheim. There is a brief battle with a Green Dragon (Sephiroth kills it quickly), where Sephiroth’s power is shown for the first time. This is actually quite far into the game.

Sephiroth in the remake.

In the remake, Sephiroth appears much earlier in the game, as what we think is just a flashback in Cloud’s mind. However later in the game it is revealed that some of the other players might have been seeing him too in some of his appearances. He appears and seems to torture Cloud by calling him too weak.

Jenove Experiments

Later at the reactor, he tells Cloud that the creatures in the tubes are actually people infused with a large amount of Mako, more than that of members of SOLDIER. He sees Jenova in a larger tube and begins questioning his past, and how he was created. He holds up in the basement of the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim, where he reads about Professor Gast, and many experiments that have been done. He becomes obsessed with finding out how he was born, and finally goes insane. He burns Nibelheim to the ground, killing Cloud’s mother in the process, and runs to the reactor in Mount Nibelheim to find Jenova. Cloud chases after him to find that he murdered Tifa’s father. Tifa chases after him but is struck down, and is saved by Cloud, just as he promised during their childhood. Cloud rushes in to confront Sephiroth and that’s where his story ends.

Sephiroth's Biography
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