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Electric Power Company

Shinra, a powerful mega-corporation, was the company in near complete control over the Final Fantasy world of Gaia. Shin-Ra utilized mako energy to generate power, which helped them create the massive city of Midgar and take over most of the planet. Shin-Ra never realized, or pretended not to, that using Mako energy weakened and drained life-force from the planet. Although they call themselves an electric power company, they are actually the ruling entity of the planet with absolute control.

Shin-Ra operates it's own military, it's own research facilities, and acts much like a standard government (minus the elections). The Shinra company was originally run by President Shinra, who used money and power to control people. His son takes over the company after President Shinra is assassinated by Sephiroth. Rufus, his son, is more ruthless, and rules with fear and strength. Other company departments include a space travel department and a department of weapons development.

Shinra came unraveled after an explosion at Shinra headquarters seems to kill President Rufus. The underlings used this to their advantage, although it eventually lead to their and the company's demise.

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