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Final Fantasy VII

Square's greatest success, Final Fantasy VII featured a tremendous array of wondrous characters and a deep plot line. They created a remarkable story using an excellent team of videogame designers. The story revolves around Cloud, an ex-SOLDIER who basically goes rogue and fights as a mercenary for money. Eventually he gets mixed up in a plot involving Sephiroth when the Avalanche group gets caught by the Shin-Ra company. They eventually have to fight Sephy, whom is the primary bad-guy throughout most of the later part of the game.

In the storyline of Final Fantasy 7, Sephy learns of his dark past, and believes himself to be the last remaining Ancient, and inheritor of the planet. He believes himself destined to become a God, and so he tries to injure the planet in order to draw all the planet's life force into himself. He begins with the hunt for the Black Materia, a powerful materia that could to summon a meteor to crash into the planet. During this, he kills Aeris, who was in an ancient temple, praying for the power of Holy to prevent Sephiroth's malicious plans.

Sephiroth's planets culminate in finding the Black Materia and the eventual summoning of Meteor. He barricades himself in the northern crater, using his will to command vast legions of individuals to make their way there to cause the maximum number of immediate deaths upon impact. Cloud and his party, however, decide to foil Sephiroth's plans and temporarily defeat him. It is realized, though, that Sephiroth's will has become so absolute that he will never actually disappear.

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