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Professor Hojo

Professor Hojo is Final Fantasy VII's evil mad scientist who also has a God complex (he believe he has the powers of a god, and disregards any sense of morals). He has no ethics when experimenting, and refers to even humans as specimens. His experiments included the creation of Sephiroth by injecting his unborn child with the cells of Jenova. Prior to the birth of this child, he uses the body of Vincent for experiments.

His demise comes when he injects himself with Jenova cells, which overtook his will and turned him into a monster. Hojo manages to barely return into his body, giving him the opportunity to upload his conscious into the World Network, which was then fragmented by meteor. Three years later, Hojo takes over the body of SOLDIER commander Weis, but Nero emerges and merges into Weiss's body forcing Hojo to leave, eliminating the last trace of the mad scientist.

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